Must-Have Off-Roading Tools

off-roading tools

Off-Roading Jeep Renegade

Ready to do a little off-roading this season? We don’t blame you! Off-roading is an exciting way to challenge yourself and get to know your vehicle better. Whether you’re a novice or the most experienced kid on the block, though, don’t get caught without these handy off-roading tools. If you’re looking for the perfect off-roading vehicle for the new year, take a look at our great selection of Jeep SUVs and Ram trucks!


Winch and Accessories

Every off-roader needs to prepare for muddy, sticky situations. Don’t get stuck without a winch to help pull you out. Pick a winch that fits your vehicle, and make sure you have necessary accessories like a tow strap and shackles.


Traction Ramps

In the old days, if a person needed a little extra traction he or she would place a floor mat under the tires. Fortunately, off-roading equipment has evolved so that getting unstuck can be a little more efficient.

Quick Deflator

If you’ve never gone off-roading, you probably didn’t know that in order to get better traction on surfaces like sand and rocks you have to let air out of your tires. A quick deflator helps you get down to around 15 psi or lower without a long wait.


Air Compressor

If you’re going to take the deflating rout, then you’ll need a way to fill your tires again when it’s time to take the pavement back home. Invest in a portable air compressor to keep with you at all times.


First-Aid Kit

If you’re going off-roading, you’ve probably read up on safe practices. All the same, it’s always a good idea to have a first-aid kit handy in case you need it. Be safe and have fun!

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